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Absorbent is an oil / oil absorbent product (Oil Absorber / Oil Absorbent) the results of the latest breakthroughs that are environmentally friendly, contain microbes, are able to degrade oil / oil into compounds that are safe for the environment and absorbents are commonly used in the industrial world which serves to absorb spills oil. The use of Absorbents is considered more practical and fast, especially for large capacity spills. This absorbent is suitable for land and sea applications. Absorbents also have different types and shapes according to the size or size. 
PT Sumber Rejeki Agung is a single importer of safety shoes and safety equipment that provides various kinds of safety equipment such as helmet safety, safety vests, life jacket, body harness, respirator, safety mask, safety glasses, fire extinguisher, health equipment, security equipment, machine and building equipment, etc.
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