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Thermoluminescent Radiation Detector (Thermoluminescence Detector) is a type of detector that is widely used in nuclear installations. Etymologically, Thermoluminescent comes from two words, Thermal and Luminescent. As an implant name, the thermoluminescence detector is a type of detector that emits light when heated. The thermoluminescence detector is part of a Thermoluminescent dosimeter. This dosimeter is very similar to a film dosimeter badge, only the detector used is inorganic thermoluminisis crystals, for example LiF material. The process that occurs in this material when experiencing radiation is the thermoluminisis process. The compound that is often used for TLD is CaSO4. This dosimeter is used for a certain period of time, for example one month, it will be accepted. Processing is done by heating the TLD. The tool used to process this dosimeter is a TLD reader. The advantage of TLD in the badge lies in its accuracy. In addition, the crystal size of the TLD is relatively smaller and after crystal TLD processing can be used again.
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