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Fall Protection

Fall protection is a system of protection or self-protection that is used at an altitude of more than 3.5 meters to prevent workers from falling. Fall protection also has several systems: 1. Personal fall-arrest systems, is one of the fallout systems that secures a person from falling directly from the workplace. 2. Guardrail systems are systems in the form of vertical barriers down, midrails, and medium verticals. This system can also be combined with toeboards, which can prevent materials and equipment from falling directly. 3. Safety-net systems This system consists of mesh nets, panels, etc. which are usually used as protection for workers at a height of 25 meters or more. 3. Positioning-device systems This system is used when working hand-free on surfaces such as walls or other vertical structures. In addition, this system is usually used as protection for concrete workers and the like. 4. Warning-line systems This warning line system consists of a rope, wire or chain, and which forms a barrier to warn people not to approach the unprotected side or the edge of the roof. This line marks an area where people can do roof work without using fences or safety nets. This warning line system can be combined with a guardrail system, a personal fall barrier system, or other safety systems. 5. Safety-monitoring systems are a set of procedures assigned to competent people for monitoring and warning workers who are not aware of the danger of falling. This security monitor system is suitable for work on roofs less than 50 meters. 6. Controlled-access zones (surveillance access zones) This surveillance access zone describes where the area can work fully because the area has got fall protection facilities.
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