PT. Sumber Rejeki Agung

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are protective goggles that cover the area around the eyes. These safety glasses can protect the eyes from dust, and splashes of liquid chemicals. Kamata safety can also be used in conjunction with prescription glasses because of its larger design. Material from safety goggles has a high resistance to protect the eyes with collision-resistant lenses and frames made of plastic or metal. These safety glasses function Usefully as eye protection while working, protect the eyes from small particles such as dust, radiation, etc. and protect the eyes from blinding rays like when welding.
PT Sumber Rejeki Agung is a sole importer of safety shoes and safety equipment that provides various kinds of safety equipment such as helmet safety, safety vests, life jacket, body harness, respirator, safety masks, safety glasses, health equipment, safety, security equipment, machine and building equipment, etc.
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