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 ​​Traffic Cone 911 Black Based 75cm
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27 Sep 2019
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Traffic Cone

Specification of ​​Traffic Cone 911 Black Based 75cm

Sell ​​Traffic Cone 911 Black Based 75cm

We are PT.Sumber Rejeki Agung as the number one distributor selling Traffic Cone 911 Black Based 75cm number one in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Traffic Cone 911 Black Based 75cm is a tool used for traffic control and cone shaped made of plastic or rubber. This 75cm 9 Based Black Cone Traffic Cone serves to direct or signal road users to avoid parts of the road that are being repaired, divert the rate of road users from traffic accidents, or to protect workers on the road who are carrying out road maintenance or maintenance work. The advantages of this product are made from high quality, can be used in hot and cold environments. With high reflective strips it looks good for safety warnings.


This PVC-based product has a cone shape with an orange color and there is a silver strip so that if placed on the road this product can be seen clearly and looks good for safety warnings because there are features of high reflective strips. This product also has flexibility in heat and cold bouncing back from impact. This product is also equipped with spotlight colors that can reflect back light when exposed to a vehicle lamp, this tool will be very useful in dark conditions and this product is not only used on the streets, but also used in other public spaces such as to mark broken toilets or to marking dangerous conditions such as slippery floors and others. This safe product for vehicles is available in heights: 75cm with a weight of 2.4kg and there are two models of high intensity reflective collars namely a larger single band or double band and the color of this product is reddish orange. This product also has Black Based.

PT Sumber Rejeki Agung is the sole importer of safety shoes and safety equipment that provides a wide range of equipment for working safety equipment such as safety goggles, safe gloves, safety helmets, safety vests, body harness, building equipment and machinery, respirators, safety masks, welding helmet, fire extinguisher, health equipment, life jacket, security equipment, etc.

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