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Selling Safetoe type Sirius M-8215

We are PT.Sumber Rejeki Agung as distributor that sells number one Safetoe Sirius M-8215 type in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Safetoe type Sirius M-8215 is a safety shoe that serves to protect themselves, especially the feet from danger when working or other activities. The advantages of the Safetoe type Sirius M-8215 has a single steel plate penetration protection, resistant to penetration, lighter and more flexible than ordinary iron plates.


This product uses Outsole EVA / Rubber Cement. Outsole is made from natural rubber with 15-20% nitrile. The sides are sewn with kevlar thread, to improve the bonding strength between the top and the sole. The rubber material is 300 ℃ heat resistant, the latter passes the HRO test, as well as the non-slip SRC. Insole Fabric ventilation can absorb 90% of sweat and keep feet dry. U-design heel support can disperse human body pressure, and reduce friction between the foot and shoes. EVA material is flexible and flexible to increase comfort when walking. Leg protection The tip of the toecap using selected steel can reach 200 joules, lighter than iron. Penetration protection Single steel plate, resistant to penetration, lighter and more flexible than ordinary steel plates. The skin uses waterprof and glossy cowhide.

Get exclusive safety shoe prices directly from PT. Sumber Rejeki Agung as the number one supplier and distributor of Safetoe brand safety shoes with types Draco L-7019, Jode L-7141, Draco L-7255, Draco White L-7019, Aquila L-7246, Rigil Kenaurus H-9430, Cygnus M-8058, Sirius M-8215, Pictor M-80258, Hydra M-8138, Vulpecula M-8160, Capella L-7296, Canapus L-7328, Geuse L-7329, Procyon L- 7331, etc. (order according to the type you want with a minimum quantity of 500-1000 pairs).

NB: To get a cheap price, of course you will get a lot of direct profits, for example the advantage of buying products in large quantities, namely you will easily sell them back to get the profit from your sales.

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