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Road Barrier


Road barriers are roadblocks which are not infrequently applied to control traffic. In big cities, for example, road dividers are needed to avoid congestion. This tool can also be applied to provide current guidance or inhibit impassable locations. Plastic is one material that is not often used to make road barriers. Before implementing the order, it is important for you to know what the per-unit price of this road divider is. Road barriers are usually applied in large numbers. So for long road barricades, some road barriers need to be placed in a row. The distance can be adjusted according to needs. If the barricade hopes to be more dense, a road barrier can be placed together. Because it has different thicknesses in the upper and lower components, generally the size of road fiber is more specific. Except the length and height, the thickness of the upper and lower components also needs to be known so that the order is ideal. Another feature that this tool has is a hook hole. Its function is to link all barrier units. With the existence of such links, barricades can be made more robust because all units mutually reinforce each other. With a hollow construction like this, there is usually an inlet hole and outlet for filling / discharging. PT Sumber Rejeki Agung is a sole importer of safety shoes and safety equipment that provides various kinds of safety equipment such as helmet safety, safety vests, body harnesses, life jacket life, respirators, safety masks, safety glasses, fire extinguisher, health equipment, security equipment, machine and building equipment, etc.

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