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Safety Belt

Safety Belt (Safety Belt) is one of the falling protective equipment that is often used on work above height. This protective device has the same function as a full body harness, but the safety belt is only tied to the waist part of the worker and the lanyard is attached to the anchor.
The main benefit of this safety belt is to protect someone from a work accident while working, for example during steel erection activities in a tower building. In addition to the use of safety belts, workers are advised to use other protective equipment such as safety shoes, safety helmets etc.
PT Sumber Rejeki Agung is a sole importer of safety shoes and safety equipment that provides various kinds of safety equipment such as helmet safety, safety vests, body harnesses, respirators, safety masks, safety glasses, fire extinguishers, machinery and building equipment, security equipment , life jacket life, health equipment, etc.
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