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Welding Helmet

Welding (welding), is the process of connecting between two or more metals, where the parent metal and filler metal will blend with the influence of heat, both with pressure and without pressure. The welding process is never separated from metal smelting, the effect of shrinkage, and the connection between the parent metal and the filler metal at relatively high temperatures. Therefore, when doing welding, security and safety are very important.
When the welding process is needed a series of equipment as a protector. The series includes welding helmet, apron (chest cover fabric), welding gloves, safety glasses, gas detector, fire extinguisher, fire blanket jacket, and wind sock (if needed).
This welding helmet product has many features, including made of high-impact resistant plastic, Anti-Spatter as the outer protective plate, high transparency and heat resistance, clear view while working (both before and after welding), fast shade switching, darkness automatically when the flame is lit, the cover plate is easy to replace, and overall protection against UV and Infrared rays. While the Gold Mirror Dark Glass has several advantages, namely protecting the eyes from harmful rays, the use of Hi-Polish is gold-coated reflective glass, and is very suitable to be applied to the helmet with a standard of 2'x4½ '.
With the Auto Darkning Welding Helmet, you can do the welding process safely and comfortably. As well as equipped with Gold Mirror Dark Glass, your eyes will be protected, because the rays of electric welding that endanger the eyes will reflect.
PT Sumber Rejeki Agung is a sole importer of safety shoes and safety equipment that provides various kinds of safety equipment such as helmet safety, safety vests, body harnesses, respirators, safety masks, safety glasses, machinery equipment and buildings, fire equipment, security equipment , life jacket life, health equipment, etc.
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